Move it on time by – Cargo logistics

Traffic hubs like airports and railway- & public transport stations are susceptible to major changes. All parties involved must be able to anticipate to this and ACTM can help in achieving this.

The consultants of ACTM will put all their skills, knowledge and expertise of cargo logistics at your disposal from the project’s initial stage all the way through to implementation.

Our background enables us to view the challenges of cargo facilities and airport or railway station logistics from different angles: the customer’s, the operator’s and the terminal developer’s. With this insight we ensure operational, commercial and tangible benefits to your air cargo operation’s bottom line and market position.

Our air cargo consulting services provide optimum support for your air cargo development. We provide pragmatic and sound methodical solutions and our air cargo consultants will work in close cooperation with your organization.

Find the right service for your needs below.

  • Cargo logistic master planning
  • Market potential analysis and cargo feasibility study
  • Concept & detailed cargo facility design
  • Cargo facility operations & optimization
  • Inventory management
  • Cargo cost management
  • Innovative marketing strategies