Retail Inspiration Tour

As the world of retail continues to grow ever more sophisticated within a shrinking global marketplace, an increasing importance is being placed on differentiation.

Creativity in all aspects of the retail mix is a pre- requisite to continued retail performance and maximize potential at retail locations. Currently we see a special interest of retailers for high traffic locations. Why are high traffic locations developing, how has this added value and what lessons are there for us to learn?

Global management consulting and training firm ACTM has many years of experience in the commercialization of airports, railway, public transport stations and retail, we would like to inspire you and share our knowledge, insights and ideas. Considering the high interest of different parties in finding the key insights for success retailing at high traffic locations, ACTM organises an exclusive Retail Inspiration Tour at high traffic locations in December 2011.

The Retail Inspiration Tour will aim to inspire and illustrate the benefits of maximizing the commercial potential of high traffic locations. The journey will visit a selection of the successful retail and hospitality developments that London has to offer. Immersing ourselves in the sensory experience of the customers and journey within each location, allowing for first hand analysis and the ongoing sharing of thoughts, ideas and observations within the group.

ACTM will host the tour in partnership with retail design and branding agency Portland Design, a renowned concept agency in retailing and including a special discussion by travel retail expert Gavin McKechnie from Network Rail.

Join us on a very special customer journey..

Discover :

• Leading retail trends at high traffic locations.
• The changing customer & shopper behaviour.
• The key differences between high traffic locations and down town retail.
• The unique selling points and retail trends found at selected high traffic locations.
• Experience how these locations succeed in attracting footfall and generating sales.
• Join behind-the-scenes meetings with key retail professionals.
• Insightfull key note inspiration presentations and guidance.
• New ideas and insights to grow your business